Ave Roma live on Kickstarter

06-04-2016 | Categories: Egyéb, Hírek | No comments

In Ave Roma you are a patrician in Ancient Rome vying for influence across the empire. Make clever use of your power by sending workers to places matching their skills and gain the most out of every action. Make...

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Essen Spiele 2015

18-08-2015 | Categories: Egyéb, Események, Hírek | No comments

At first time our publisher will be present on the Essen Spiel 2015. We will present our last year released Dudab and our newest game called Piñata party. We are looking forward to see you at Hall 7, Booth 7-F106,...

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Piñata party

27-05-2015 | Categories: Hírek | No comments

We are invited to a birthday piñata party. Ready, steady, go smash! Look at...

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13-01-2015 | Categories: Hírek | No comments

Dice Brewing was released in Hungarian, where we impersonate brewer apprentices and compete with our fellow apprentices to deserve the recognition of our master. Whoever makes the best brew based on the recipes will win the master degree.

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Om Nom Nom released

27-11-2014 | Categories: Hírek | No comments

The board game Om Nom Nom was released in Hungary by A-Games. In the game we have to feed our animals, paying attention we won’t become other animals’ nourishment. The game won the silver prize of the English Game Expo in 2014. A cute snack for the whole family.

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Dudab available at the stores

25-09-2014 | Categories: Hírek | No comments

In the first self-published game of A-Games we personalize cavemen, and during our wanderings we have to be careful to carry less stuff on our shoulders. The game contains 80 beautifully illustrated cards and the rules in Hungarian, English, German as well. It is a language independent, easily learnable card game, in which everything is the other way around compared to other well-known card games.

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