Ave Roma

Designer: Attila Szőgyi
Players: 2-5
Art: Gyula Pozsgay, Attila Szőgyi
Age: 12+
Publisher: A-games
Time: 30 min / player
Year: 2016
Rules: For the latest rules check our Downloads page


8 Kickstarter promo cards, Hungarian rules
8 Kickstarter promo cards, English rules

In Ave Roma you are a patrician in Ancient Rome vying for influence across the empire. Make clever use of your power by sending workers to places matching their skills and gain the most out of every action. Make friends in the Senate to receive one time or permanent favours from powerful patrons to support your strategy. Visit the Colosseum, pay your dues and earn the right to seat more patrons at your counsil table. Build buildings and buy military equipment to subdue colonies and become the greatest conqueror of the empire. Dare not neglect trade and commerce. You will need goods and treasures to be successful on your journey. Collect goods from the provinces and exchange them at the market as your plans dictate. Through careful balancing of your available actions and canny hiring of your workers you will emerge victorius!

Deos fortioribus adesse!
The gods are on the side of the stronger!

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