Designer: Csaba Hegedűs
Players: 2-6
Art: Balázs Garcza
Age: 8+
Publisher: A-Games
Time: 30 perc
Year: 2014
Rules: Download

In the prehistoric time, people had a lot to do: hunting in order to have food and hides, building the community, and recording everything on the walls of their caves. They couldn’t speak yet, but some of the words were evolving. Dudab was one of those words, meaning sorry! It was used when they tricked somebody or contradicted the shaman. It was important not to accumulate too many things, because everybody was carrying her own stuff during the wanderings, and too many things could hold her back. So everybody had only as many things as she really needed – or not…

Players need to collect as few cards and as few points as possible. For this aim, they have to be very tactician, and say Dudab with proper timing. The player who can lead everybody else by the nose, and collects the fewest points is the winner.