Designer: Csaba Hegedűs
Players: 1-6
Art: Gyula Pozsgay, Attila Szőgyi
Age: 8+
Publisher: A-games
Time: 30'
Year: 2016
Rules: For the latest rules check our Downloads page

In the not too far distant future robots become very abundant. Not just in households, factories, arts, but even in sports, robots compete instead of humans. One genius inventor created the last (and therefore most exciting) race in the modern world, where people control the robots. The robots are not controlled by remote controls though, but instead by the human mind itself. The scientists compete using their hand-built robots on long forgotten, but rebuilt racing tracks in a mind-blowing race full of excitement. The one to use the mind and trickery to get his/her robot finish the race first will be the winner. Switch on your neurons, let’s begin the RoboRace!