Come you, young Apprentice, to our humble brewery. It is an honour for us that, among all the job offers you must have received, you chose our brewery in particular. We are full of admiration for your previous accomplishments and for the way you approach the development and cultivation of the art of brewing.

However, we have to verify your qualifications in practice. In order to do so, we hired you for a trial period – which starts today! Apart from you, a few other remarkable Apprentices started work at our brewery. You will have to compete with them since there is only one Dice Brewing Master Brewer post. As you can probably imagine, it is not going to be an easy job… You will have to prove yourself by brewing various styles of beer, acquiring specific malts and hops, as well as enhancing the recipes with ingredients that will make your beers stand out. But that’s not all… The Apprentices will be able to compete with each other directly, making their lives harder by using some unrefined methods! Enough of the talking! It is time to begin your training and get on to what is most important – the beer! Meet Mr. Hoppy, our employee from the Training Department who will lead you through our complicated regulations and workplace card description along with this guide. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask him.
We wish you luck and joy in brewing the beer!!

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