Dudab Buba

No. of Players: 2-6

Age: 8+

Playing Time: 30 min.

Designer: Csaba Hegedűs
Artist: Balázs Garcza, Attila Szőgyi
Release date: 2014

In the prehistoric times, human had many things to do: they hunted for fur and food, built their community and they perpetuated everything on their cave’s walls. They could not speek but they had some emerging words to use. Dudab was one like that, which meant: Sorry!. They used that when they tricked the others or contradicted the shaman. It was important to amass less object because at wanderings, everyone carried their own stuffs which pulled them back at the progress. So everybody had as many personal items as they really needed – or not…

Players should take care of getting fewer cards and getting less points. For that they should have a good tactic and timing to say Dudab. The player with the least points will be the winner of the game. The Dudab Buba contains two expansions, the Jungle and the Baby card. These expansions increase the interaction in the game and give more option to the players for better tactics.