No. of Players: 2-4

Age: 12+

Playing Time: 30 min. / player

Designer: Attila Szőgyi, Csaba Hegedűs
Artist: Attila Szőgyi
Release date: 2021

Starting from the 1400-s, a technical revolution took place in the printing industry. More and more advanced tools and devices were developed, so that books and other printed material became available for the common folk more easily. The guilds participated in serious competition, trying to gain the most advanced technologies to serve customers quicker and in better quality than all others. The competition still continues to this day, using the miracle machinery and materials of modern times.

You are managing printing companies with the primary goal to be the best at delivering the best quality and quantity orders. You continuously develop your machinery by implementing new technologies, widen your range of clients and work with top quality materials. In the meantime, if you are successful enough, you open factories, conquering Europe’s printing markets. The winner shall be the one to gain most respect in the printing business.


Solo (Gutenberg) expansion

Gold and leather + Secret contract mini expansions

2022 Essen Promo