No. of Players: 3-10

Age: 10+

Playing Time: 15-30 min.

Designer: Andrea Szilágyi, Judit Maróthy
Artist: Gyula Pozsgay, Attila Szőgyi
Release date: 2018

Anybody can enter the Wombattle but no one can beat the Wombat! You would not believe what a Wombat would do to win… A wombat can overcome any difficulty, if there is a real prize at stake! How far would you go for the vicotry? Wombattle surprises even the most accomplished party players: the rewards are real, the are two winners, and the innovative throwing board and -ball set creates a unique playing field, where they will discover hidden talents and faces of they playmates.

In Wombattle players try to beat the others while facing always new challenges. The trial’s winner gets rid of an obstacle. The first player to overcome all obstacles wins the game and gets the Grand Prize. The player who got the most votes for his/her witty solutions gets the Audience Award. Wombattle is a game that tailors itself to the players without being noticed and that makes it just as suitable for family Sundays as for parties with friends. Different strokes for different folks.